Friday, July 16, 2010

EBoss Hoops Scouting Service info

Well, the good folks at the NCAA now require schools that take scouting services to ask some questions of those that they take scouting services from. Because of that, I thought I'd go ahead and put up a blog post about the service and answer all of the questions so that I can direct compliance folks to this site and they can see that the information is made available to the public.

Those college coaches interested in samples of the service can email me at The scouting services costs 275.00 dollars per year, is delivered via email between 18-20 times per year and covers kids from all across the country. I am, however, based out of the greater Kansas City area.

Now, for NCAA purposes please find these questions and answers.

  1. Your service is made available to all institutions desiring to subscribe and at the same time fee rate for all subscribers? Yes, my scouting report is made available to any institution looking to subscribe.
  2. You publicly identify all applicable rates? Please provide us the documentation where this is located (e.g., website, information sheet provided when requested, etc.) Yes, the rate for the scouting service is 275.00 dollars per year and it's identified right here. The rate is also identified on invoices sent to those looking to subscribe.
  3. You disseminate information (e.g., reports, profiles) about prospective student-athletes at least four times a calendar year? Please note if you only provide information via your website (e.g., do not send out hard copy and/or email reports) please note this.Yes, information about prospective student athletes goes out more than four times per calendar year. I normally produce between 18-20 scouting reports per year. Information is provided by email or hard copy if requested.
  4. You publicly identify the geographical scope of your service (e.g., local, regional, national) and it reflects broad-based coverage of the geographical area in the information you provide/disseminate? Yes.
  5. You provide analysis in the information you post/disseminate beyond demographic information or rankings of prospective student-athletes? Yes.
  6. You provide access to samples or previews of the information you post/disseminate prior to purchase of a subscription and/or subscribing? Yes.
  7. If you provide video is restricted to regularly scheduled (regular season) high school, preparatory school or two-year college contests and for which a university made no prior arrangements for recording? (Note: This provision is applicable only if the subscription includes video services.) Scouting service does not include video so not applicable.

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